Aluminium Necks for Stratocasters are in production. 

Thanks to everyone in first place. A lot of orders have been placed during the last weeks and I'm more than happy that the firsts of you who received their necks are loving them. 


I should explain a bit more in detail why it took me so long to start them: I should have had someone at the shop to take care of the milling process and sanding process. Unfortunately it didn't work out the way we thought and I ended up alone at the shop with guitars orders to be finished and also a lot of orders for Fender custom aluminium necks. 

I have tried to work as good and as fast as possible to reduce the waiting time but:


 - with a one year old daughter who needed to prepare and accommodate herself to the Kindergarten, I had not that much to sleep and was just super slow working all day.  

- an apartment which needed work. 

- visiting my parents (they live in France and I can only see them two times per year)

- Building a new fret slot jig to save about 2.5 hours of milling on each fretboard I make.

- Finishing prototypes of wood neck guitars

like the Gaspra MKII on the right picture.

- Building the new spraybooth. 

- Building the recording and showroom for doing demos.

And the list goes on with car repair job that I do myself with a friend because we can. 


I couldn't spend all my weekend at the shop and let my wife do everything. I should have communicate more what was going on and thanks again to everyone for understand and being so supportive. Let me know if you need more of these small update and I will write more of them in here to let you know what I'm currently working on. Again, thanks to everyone, I couldn't have better people than you all in here. We talk soon.


Best, Alexandre.



Three Startocaster Aluminium necks and two fretboards. 


Gaspra MKII Heel details. This last one I've posted on Instagram is up for sale.

Aluminium Bolt on Neck Columbia MKIV

Hi everyone, 


I first hope that you all had a nice Christmas time and a great start in 2022. 


I've finally achieved what a lot of people asked for: the Aluminium Bolt On Neck version of the Columbia MKIV.     

I've played it a lot since it's done and the difference with the MKIV Aluminium neck through is huge. The character has changed a lot. It's not better or worst, just different. First, the MKIV Bolt On is about 600gr lighter than here big sister. It surprised me a lot the first time I hold it after the assembly. It seems that the rest of the bloc that has disappear had a bass influence the guitar. It's still super "Ballsy" but with a bit less of low end. The other point is and it was also a reason to make an aluminium Bolt On neck version, that it has more attack and sounds sharper than the Alu Neck through which is more a sustain-heavy-riff-machine.


I could try to discribe it all day long but I've got orders to take care of. I'll take some time to make a video to compare both Columbia MKIV as soon as my new interface has arrived. 

The Columbia MKIV Bolt On #001 is for sale. Because it's a prototype and I haven't take that much care to the finish (it has a few pokes and I didn't polished it high gloss) I'll drop down the price to 2.7K€ instead of 3.5K€. It's perfectly functional and setup with 12-54 strings. Send me an Email if you're interested or if you've got some questions about it. 




CMKIV Alu Bolt on sanding.jpg

by Lars Christopheren



Isabelle Heidehorn and Alexandre Gletty


"Isi and I met in Berlin four years ago where we were both bartenders at Soulcat. We had a similar passion about analog photography and I immediately felt in love with her work. There is a lot people who shoot films but a tiny hand of them have such a talent as Isi. I asked her if she wanted to document my work and she said yes. This book resumes pictures by pictures my last year in Berlin and our new life in the north countryside. It shows the magic atmosphere at the shop and also private moment with friends and family. It also includes a few thoughts and reflexions I have about the society and the difference between living in a city and the countryside. The book will be available in both E-book and printed version end of 2022.  


You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see the building process of your necks or full instrument. I post a lot on the stories to keep customers in touch.