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Custom Aluminium Necks

Finally! I know it took me a while. The thing is, you think you're done after the conception phase and no, you're not. Somewhen you have to say stop, this is more than enough. I've improved everything what's been criticized or was truly annoying for guitar players about these bolt-on lumies. The Columbia bolt-on neck prototype weights 639gr when coming out of the CNC. I'm also the only one using a very special aluminium type. It has no internal tension and is way more stable through temperatures changes. All my necks have a truss rod, which makes any setup possible. The construction structure make them incredibly strong and two very special chambers give them their unique tone. I'm a personally a huge fan of ebony and rosewood fretboard. I still need to find a better way to finish maple fretboard that's why they are currently not available.   

The Custom Shop offers clients the possibility to get almost any options possible and fill up any requirement.  

For any custom orders or to get a quote you can send me an E-mail at:


If you personally want to try different necks or guitars at the shop, contact me to make an appointment.   

Gletty Alu Bolt on 1.JPG
Gletty Alu Bolt on 2.JPG
Gletty Alu Bolt on 3.JPG
Gletty Alu Bolt on 4.JPG
Gletty Guitars Alu Neck 7.JPG
Gletty Guitars Alu Neck 6.JPG
Gletty Guitars Alu Neck 8.JPG
Gletty Guitars 9.JPG
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