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How does an aluminium neck sounds?

If I had to describe it I would say "percussive"

It's gives strings a lot of definition and way more sustain than wood. The attack is different and when you play loud with fuzz for example, you can actually hear more frequencies.


Why do you put wood fretboards on your aluminium necks? 

I personally prefer the sound of a wood fretboard. Full aluminium necks sounds too bright to me.   

Do you do custom fitting aluminium Bolt on neck and aluminium neck through?
Yes I do. Please check the Aluminium Neck section


How long does it take to build an aluminium bolt on neck?
It depends of the specs and the amount of orders I have but generally around 6 month. 


How long does it take to build a guitar?      It also depends of specs and amount of orders but it takes me between 10 and 12 months.

Do you make pickups yourself?
Yes, I do. Check the Pickups section.


Why are your necks and guitars more expensive than other aluminium neck makers? 

Because I use more and different materials than my colleagues. It takes longer to produce them and add more costs. My necks have a unique structure, which make them lighter and as strong as necks from other companies. They can be setup way more easily than other necks on the market. I also offer infinite possibilities to customers to design their own neck. My work has been not only to improve but to get rid of the standard alumies recurrent problems like: neck dive, overweight, fretbuzz and not enough custom options. I've have figured out most of these problems which make my necks one the bests of the market today.


Can I get my neck in colored anodized finish? 
Not for the moment.        

Do you take apprentice? 


Do you do collaborations?
It depends.


Do you do workshops? 


Can I come and visit you at any time in your shop? 
No, visits and meetings are by appointments only.


Do you do endorsement? 
No but I do deals with touring artists.


Can I pay in three times? 

I know these are pricey Instruments and having 4K$ is not something everyone has easily, especially for the kind of music it's made for. I don't like to do multiple time payments because I always run after people and it just feels weird. I do it in special situations.

For a custom guitar order, I ask 50% of the full price and the rest when the instrument is done. I ask prepayment for replacement necks.

What happen if I’m not happy with your product? 
I’ll make sure that this kind of situation doesn’t happen. I ask tons of questions to my customers to be sure that I understand exactly what they wants.


Can I get a refund if I’ve changed my mind and don’t want my order anymore?
Refunds are possible only when the guitar is sold to an other customer. If nobody wants the guitar you've ordered, I can't pull out some money I've use to buy materials and parts with, which means that I keep the deposit. But don't worry, if you don't order something too weird, we'll find someone to buy it and you'll get your deposit back. 

What happen if I’ve got some money problems and can’t afford to pay the rest of my order?

There are a few possible solutions: I stop the building process and we wait until your finances are better. Or we try to find someone else who wants your completed order and when it’s sold you got your deposit back. 

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