ALU-SG      |      AUG 16th,2019 

This is the very first model with an aluminium neck I've done and it had a few issues. Go read the FOR THE STORY down the page.

I don't know if I'm taking risk by posting that here but it would be wrong not to. Since John Dwyer plays an EGC SG with an acryl body and an aluminum neck through, I wanted to make a few of them but with my own mayonnaise. Kevin from EGC had to discontinue them because Gibson went on his case for using the SG shape. It's a complicated thing because I want to make them but don't want the trouble coming with it...  I also don't know if Gibson would take the time to sew a small unfamous guitar maker who produce less than 20 guitars a year...

It just looks dope and what can I say more. With a light aluminium neck through, a nice solid one piece Mahagony body and a Mastery Bridge. "La messe est dite" go google that. 


E-mail me for more informations.


My very first aluminium neck has been a custom order from Jean of the fantastic band SLIFT. He is buddy with some great friends of mine from the band KORTO and we met at a gig in Berlin in 2018.


I've talked to Jean about my aluminium neck project and after a few e-mails he ordered a guitar that he played I guess only once at 8mm bar in Berlin. This gig has been a nightmare. I didn't have all these small nut files at this time and the third and fourth strings slots in the nut were a little bit to bright. Jean doesn't play like a 7 years old boy scout and strings popped out a few times in the show. Instead of making a new nut I brought his guitar to PLEK Haus in Neukölln the day after to make deeper and perfect slots with the Plek machine and Plek the Frets but it didn't make any difference. I've lost a few hair that day. I finally brought it at the company which were milling my necks at this time to install a tree on the headstock. It finally worked out and Jean left Berlin with a technically working guitar. 

After a while I've got an E-mail from Jean where he explains that he can't keep the guitar because of the traditional neck dive, the absence of a 22nd fret and that the strings were too close to the pickguard. It's been hard when I red this E-mail. You work hard on things you care and it's a fail. 

That day I've learnt that I had to improve radically things on those axes and that's exactly what I've been doing the last two years. Since this unfortunate experience happened I make sure that when a guitar leave the shop it's ready to hit the road and perfectly adjusted to it's owner. 

If I had done two years ago what I achieve today, Jean might have played that Green SG on the KEXP session and recorded UMMON with. This would have been fantastic.  


Jean with the ALU-SG at 8mm bar


Jean's ALU-SG with Gorgio's Custom Amp


Jean and I 10minutes after the SG got fixed