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The Stonemaster is nothing incredibly new but an aluminium neck through and a Bolt-on neck version will come out somewhen. It is basically a Jazzmaster with a rounded horn and also my very first build using Mastery Bridge. Like you can see the M9.2 is everywhere now and Tremolos will show up soon on a very special model I'm working on. Be patient. 

After three years building Gaspras, I wanted something more similar like a Jazzmaster. A bigger body with a different scale. 

It's been also because some giant people found the Gaspra a little bit too small. You now know the story about my baguette shape and this was of course an argument to work on something new. These two Stonemasters I did have a two pieces alder body and a maple neck. The red one was the first prototype with a ziricote fretboard and the second has been sold to a friend in France. 


I would love to make more of them either with an aluminium or wood neck.  


E-mail me for more informations.

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