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After a few design tests and a permanent need to improve things and details on works I do, I'm truly stoked about this last update of the Columbia which becomes the MKIV. The body is slightly smaller than the MKIII and the shape features some different curves and resized horns. It looks great and makes the guitar extra lighter of 700 grams, which is a lot. No neck dive and a maximal comfort and playability. With his 17,5mm thickness the aluminium neck is a highway. If you've got tiny fingers or hands, you gonna dig it and you also might become the biggest shredder of your town.      

I build standard versions of the Columbia and also offer a very complete custom shop service for anyone who's got ideas or a very precise wish. The CNC machine allows me to achieve almost everything's possible, for example any kind of fretboard inlays, different pick guard designs or custom pickup to match your fantasy.   

E-mail me for more informations.


Columbia MKIV


When I talk with other guitar makers we always come to the point of what's our favorite guitar. The answers are pretty often that our personal designs are a synthesis of different models from big brands. I personally love the SG shape but it's too pointy to me. The Jazzmaster was my second guitar but the horn on the top is not my thing. It somewhen brought me to make my own guitars because I was unhappy with what was on the market. 

I have done a few versions of the Columbia, the first one was a wood set neck which has two versions. The MKIII has been the first model from my designs with an aluminium neck through that I've done after the ALU-SG. 

I truly love this guitar, it's great for huge persons but might be a little too big for guitarists of my baguette shape (1m75 and 60kg). That's one of the reason why I've done the MKIV. 

I know I do a lot of different versions but it's gonna be like that for every guitars because I can't stop improve things. 

Don't hesitate to E-mail me for more informations and advices.

Best, Alexandre.


Columbia MKIII for Nils Hofmann - BikiniBeach Fuzz


Nils with his Columbia MKIII and BikiniBeach Fuzz at Nochtspeicher, Hamburg


Nils with his Columbia MKIII and BikiniBeach Fuzz at Nochtspeicher, Hamburg



Greeny is the very first Columbia MKIV I've done in a bolt on neck Version. It features a one piece maple neck AA quality and a one piece Honduran Mahogany body AAA. An other unique piece on it is the very first HBG Gletty Humbucker which is to me the beginning of a my personal humbucker quest. There will be for sure a lot of versions of this HBG but for the very first ones are already something that doesn't sounds like anything. It is also the very first Columbia with a blower switch and a phase switch for the neck Pickup (G90). 

I've been trying different kind of nitrocellulose lacquer and have found a great brand which offers a lot of different colors instead of the classical and historical ones. It gives Greeny a great vintage vibe but doesn't look like any other kind of finishes on the market. There are a few scratches and paint spots where I went through the lacker on the neck. I like it so much that I almost don't want to sell it, so hurry if you're interested before I change my mind. It sounds like nothing else, plays amazing with 10-52 strings tuned in D standard. A perfect weapon for shoegazy stuff to Drone Doomy riffs.   

PRICE: 3290€ / Inkl Gletty Hiscox custom flightcase. 
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