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G90's Single Coil

The G90's Single Coil are perfect fits between a classic Fender Single coil for a Strat and a Jazzmaster pickup. It's a medium size bobine which offers a different magnetic field for a not too bright and more responsive JM pickup. The standard version is made of 3mm flatwork bobbins, AlNiCo V magnet rods 16mm x 5mm and 43 AWG Poly/Nylon coil. The pickup covers are casted into silicon mold with Polyurethan Resin. 


I usually wind them between 9K and 14K but you can choose which resistance is the best for you.

If you've got a special idea and need something particular, you can E-mail me.

PRICE: 170€ / PU  - SET: NECK + BRIDGE: 320€

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