GASPRA MKII | DEC 2nd,2016 

The Gaspra has been my third design. I love Jazzmaster but on my small size it just looks ridiculous. I was at the Villa Neukölln bar in Berlin when I found the shape of the Gaspra. I'm gonna find the sketch somewhen in the dozens of small carnets I have. 


It's a Fender like shape but with a very rounded top. Because of it's small size, I've done a pretty thick body (45mm) to add more resonance and toughness to the instrument. I'm a huge fan of the Swietenia Mahagony body, maple neck and rosewood (or ebony) fretboard. With a vibrato or M9.2 Mastery Bridge you can't go wrong. It sounds heavy and you'll feel it when playing it hard. 


I'm currently working on a Custom order aluminium neck version of the Gaspra and it should be here before December.     


E-mail me for more informations.


Gaspra Custom for mon chéri Robin Pruchon of Space Fisters


My lover Jeroen Reek of Iguana Death Cult with his Gaspra Custom