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"My name is Alexandre Gletty, I'm a  french guitar maker born in 1988 and I currently live in a small village called Basedow in the north of Germany. 
Welcome to Gletty Guitars!"

"I will always remember the first time I went into a Luthier's shop when I was 9 years old. The smell of wood, soldering smoke, glue and all those tools and templates on the walls. It just got me and printed something deep in my head. I've been building things since a very young age. Legos are to me the best thing you can give a kid who wants to create something. Shapes and mechanics have always fascinated me. How do things works, how are they made and  can I make something better out of it? That's the way I work.  

I think I had great predispositions to become a luthier. My dad is a very meticulous person, he loves to draw and has been working as a CNC machine assembler for almost 30 years. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I had a pretty normal school path. Nothing special until high school but then I understood that college wouldn't work for me. I already knew what I wanted to do: to create and build things. I spent two years in a car repair school literally 5 minutes away from my parents house. I've learned how to solder and shape metal parts and also the basics of car repairs. Then I visited an art school in Geneva Switzerland for three years to learn graphic design. 

After that I had a lot of different small and big jobs, e.g. a sidejob in a cheese factory in the french Alps, several bar tender experiences, graphic design jobs; I've worked as a backliner, helped organizing different musical events and finally worked as a guitar tech in a music shop in France. All these jobs have contributed to end up as a guitar maker. 

I've started building guitars in Berlin in 2016. I had a talk with my flatmate and came to the idea to try one. I can't really explain how it started but I knew that I had to stop using our flatshare as an atelier. My very first guitar I built was a semi-hollowbody called NOVA inspired by Rickenbaker guitars. I didn't have enough tools to work with laminate and switched pretty fast to make solid body guitars. I first created the Virgo and then the Gaspra, StoneMaster and Columbia. 

I'm a big fan of Ty Segall and fixed his Travis Bean before his show in Berlin in 2017. It was my very first contact with an aluminium neck guitar.

I caught the virus and decided to launch my own "lumies". It's been two long years of testing and prototyping. I'm glad this period is over because what's coming is truly insane. I put all my heart and soul into my work and I'm really happy about the first feedbacks. 

I want to thank my family, friends and customers for making all of this possible. I love you all. 

                                                   Alexandre Gletty




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